Tuesday, December 29, 2009

R2 # 2's frame upgrades arrive

Today I received some frame options that James in Texas makes for the JAG v5 and his COM-8 frame. The two items I purchased are the charging port (lower left) and the 'bread pan', which sits behind on of R2's door panels.

The backplate that is behind the utility arms need to be ground down about a 16th of an inch. Since it hangs a tad beyond the utility arm carrier, the breadpan and charging port can't be installed yet.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

R2-D2 # 2: The Grand Plan

With R2-D2 #1 up and operational, my goal is to implement what I have learned into the new one.

In short, this second R2-D2 will become my "uber" model. 

The parts I have for this project are almost all newer designs of what is currently on the first droid.

Frame:  The frame is a JAG version 5.  Yes, Jerry has gone through 5 incarnations of the frame design since 2004!  This is the latest version and is a really nice piece of work.  It works with all the existing pieces and will not require any real modifications for doors and panels to work.  The design is lighter and much more rugged than my current frame.  This frame has many post-production options available and came with an electronics tray and battery bracket.

Legs:  The legs are almost identical to what I currently have, except that many holes and keyholes I had to add are already there.  Also made by JAG

Shoulders:  Identical to what I have on the current droid.  These are extras from a production run I made in 2004.  If possible, I may have a machinst lighten them my removing excess material.

Skirt:  This is the bottom piece of R2's body and was also made JAG.

Outer Ankles:  Received a few weeks ago from JAG, these are of a different design than what the other droid has.  Rather than the hassle of using spacers, Jerry made a spacer plate.  This makes mounting to the outer legs much easier.

Center Foot:  Produced by JAG, this is made of steel.  Unlike the other droid, Jerry included the center foot mounting plate and caster mount.

Holographic Projectors:  These are identical to what is on the first droid.  I was able to secure a second set when the machinst ran a limited second run.  Made of aluminum these are of exceptional quality.

Those are the big pieces....here's the rest of the part list...

  • Aluminum skins
  • Aluminum leg struts
  • Rockler bearing
  • Velcheck PSI Lights
  • Aluminum coin returns
  • Aluminum coin slots
  • Aluminum Large Data Port
There's a fair amount left to be acquired or produced but my Uber Droid is off to a good start.  I continue to make improvements to the first droid, especially the drive and suspension system. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here we go again!

Ok so here we go again!

While I am still doing improvements and tweaks to my first R2-D2, I wanted to create a second blog documenting the next build.

Like the first, this R2-D2 will also be made of metal, largely aluminum.

So far I have several pieces already for the second R2 I have accumulated over the past few months/year.

Today the outer ankles arrived...

On my next posting, I'll show what I currently have and what my plan of attack will me.  I learned a lot from the first R2-D2 build, so the second droid will certainly benefit from my experience.  Also, many of the parts are lighter or made differently!